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"Be the person you always wanted to be"


Amy's goal is to provide a professional, safe, and discrete environment where everyone can become the person they always wanted to be.  JUST YOU will strive to provide excellence in service from first meeting to final goodbye.  Amy will welcome you to the Just You Family and offer expert guidance without judgment or prejudice.  JUST YOU does our best to ensure clients feel confident in their individuality and to love the woman they feel inside.  Amy strives to grow with the Just You Family by researching the latest and best products, locating entertaining and safe venues, and creating memorable events that exceed expectations.


JUST YOU provides a friendly, discrete and professional environment for the service all persons in the TG community, and those who support them. Amy wants you to feel safe and comfortable dealing with her.  JUST YOU is diligent in protecting your privacy and personal information and does not share our client's names or information with anyone. We do not publish or use client photographs without their permission.

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