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Amy Lamb is the owner and head Transformation Artist at Be You JUST YOU. She was born and raised in Hawaii and now lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. Amy has been doing makeup professionally for over twenty-five years.

Amy started doing makeup simply because she wanted everybody to feel as beautiful as they could. “I went to school in Honolulu, Hawaii and didn’t feel that I could truly help people unless I could teach them. Who wants to only feel beautiful for a day? We all have the need and want to learn to be the best that we can be all the time so I furthered my education and became a licensed technical trainer, nationwide. I learned the tricks of the trade including makeup for different nationalities, the art of photographic makeup and techniques for transforming a man into a woman."

Amy believes that practice makes perfect and we never stop learning. Seasons change, techniques change, and with so many changes in style, we still have to create a beautiful face that matches the times. “I do believe that with my knowledge and support, together we can create the look of your dreams. My clients are not just customers they are family, and I would like to invite all of you to join our family and visit us in Las Vegas or come out to one of the many conferences we attend throughout the year."

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